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Do you need a home inspector?

I remember my first experience with the home inspection industry. My wife and I had just graduated from college and were looking to purchase our first house. We found one we liked and our real estate agent suggested we then get a home inspection prior to making an offer. I had no idea what a home inspection entailed or if we really needed one. I remember thinking it sounded expensive.

I quickly learned about the value of having a home inspection. As a first-time home

buyer, I didn't know much about a house and its systems (even though I had always lived in a house!). Consider the vehicles we drive - for most of us who aren't trained in automotive design or repair, we don't know much about how our vehicles operate...we just get in, put gas in it, change the oil occasionally, and drive it.

In the same way, most don't have a good understanding of how heating and cooling systems work in a home. Most don't have any experience with insulation and ventilation, or assessing a foundation or roof, and so on. Most take care of their home just as I have through the years - we do our best to maintain the home and get help from a specialist when something stops working as expected or needs to be replaced.

When someone is considering buying a house, it's very difficult for that person to objectively look at the house and its systems. You're excited about the possibility of moving into your dream home, envisioning where you'll place your furniture, how you will entertain family and friends at your new home, and the list goes on.

That's definitely a time when it's sound advice to hire a home inspector. The home inspector will be able to objectively conduct a complete visual assessment of the house and its systems. The home inspector is not an expert in any one area, although some may have previous experience in plumbing, roofing, or some other trade. Rather, the home inspector is a generalist, having general knowledge of every component and system related to a house - site, foundation, exterior, roof, heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, fireplace, insulation & ventilation, doors, windows and interior.

Most homeowners or prospective homeowners don't have experience with or knowledge about every system in a house. Even if you do, as mentioned above, it's hard to be objective if it's a home that you desire to purchase. Certainly, there likely are exceptions. I'm sure there are some who may be able to objectively assess a house they desire to purchase and be able to identify potential problems.

A home inspection by a certified home inspector is not only useful in the home buying process. It's a good idea to have a home inspection at any time! I discovered this while training to become a home inspector and conducting home inspections for friends and family. I identified an active plumbing leak in a crawl space. Most homeowners don't typically go into their crawl space on a regular basis, so a plumbing leak in a place such as a crawl space may not be discovered for quite some time.

Houses change over time. Foundations can move for various reasons - hydrostatic (water) pressure, expansive soil, tree roots, and so on. Also, building techniques and materials have changed quite a bit through the years. There are many house components that are grandfathered into older homes, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be updated to today's standard. Insulation and GFCI outlets are two good examples of house components that have changed over time, and while they may not have been utilized well or at all when the house was built, both are beneficial to have in today's home.

So, back to the original question - do you need a home inspector? Yes!

A home inspection report from a certified home inspector is a valuable resource for every homeowner. A home inspection is a service. We are service-minded at Woodlee Home Inspections. I will put you first. I'll be honored you chose me and will give you my very best effort to provide you with a complete understanding of the current condition of your home. Use the Book Now button above and schedule a home inspection today.

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